About hashC

hashC is an online premium service that offers guaranteed hash cracking. We can crack all hash-types (+160) using multi attack-modes, check below for more features
1. hashC is a service that can be used for penetration testing
2. hashC is a service that can be used for password recovery
3. hashC is a service that can be used for hash cracking

The idea of hashC creation was because of the following reasons:
1. You do not know how secure is your passwords/files, so we will help you and give you the answer.
2. You forgotten your device's password, (ex. macbook) and you have sensitive files there, so we will help you recovering that password.
3. You bought some software's license, that license is stored on your device but it's hashed and you need the license to be clear, so we will help you cracking that hash and making it clear.

Why choose hashC

  • 100% Customizable

    Using hashC gives you the ability to customize your attack mode, as we offer multi attack modes, [Bruteforce, Dictionary, Combinator, Hybrid]. You can also use a custom dicionary, contact us to upload your dictionary. More over hashC offers a great collections that include common passwords, multi language, sport, names, important dates, books,...

  • Easy to Use

    One of the main reason to choose us, is the easy of use. hashC offers a simple design that is comfortable for your eyes. In addition the process steps are such easy [Upload your hashlist --> Verify your hashlist --> Configure the attack mode --> Make the payment if needed --> Done], Enjoy :)

  • Worth it

    Nobody wants to waste his money, right?.. Never worry, hashC offers the perfect unbeatable pricing calculator system. While other services, ask you to pay a fixed price for each hashlist whatever the hash got cracked or not, we use another independent system. You pay only if you wants to and only after a hash get cracked. Moreover we use a dynamic base price, check below to learn more.


  • What does hashC offers?

    hashC offers hash cracking services including WPA password restoring, in addition to penetration testing.

  • Is it legal?

    Yes for sure, hashC is a powered by YALA GROUP. and all YALA GROUP. projects are 100% legal

  • What if a client use hashC for illegal actions

    hashC is not responsible for any illegal use by any client.
    Each client is fully responsible for what he use the service for.

  • How our pricing calculator works?

    What's new on our pricing calculator?

    While other services, ask you to pay a fixed price for each hashlist, we don't..

    So how it works?

    Well, to explain this the right way, let's take as an example a bruteforce attack 10Digits

    This bruteforce may take a while depends on the hashtype and the cracking speed, we all know that..

    But what we also know that this task may be done within one hour as it may be done in more than two hours


    First let's say that this task may be done within 2Hours as max

    So there is a chance to done it within just One hour..

    The table below shows the differences between being a hashC client or another provider client

    Case hashC Client Other Client
    TASK DONE in 2HOURS PAY 0.004 BTC PAY 0.004 BTC
    TASK DONE in 1HOUR PAY 0.002 BTC PAY 0.004 BTC
    Conclusion MINPAY 0.002 BTC
    MAXPAY 0.004 BTC
    MINPAY 0.004 BTC
    MAXPAY 0.004 BTC
    Does the speed affect the base price?

    Yes, for sure, it have a relation, as much as you get more speed as much the base price rise up

    Cracking at speed 1.6MH/S WPA base price is not the same of 3.2MH/S

    If 1.6MH/S ==> 0.002 BTC/60Min

    Then 3.2MH/S ==> 0.004 BTC/60Min

    This change is probably nothing, as the final price will be mostly the same, however solve time will vary

    Usually VIP Clients are the ones who need to get more speed so fast solve time

  • How i can choose the best attack mode?

    This question don't have an unique answer, if you are not sure what attack mode to choose, then kindly contact us as we will help you choosing the best attack mode for each hashlist

  • What does TOP UP means?

    Each task have a unique priority, the highest priority mean the fastest assignment, an assignment mean when our servers start cracking your hashlist, if there is task A (priority 0) and task B (priority 2), our servers will be assigned to task B whatever which task submited first.
    When the client of task A order a TOP UP, his task will have a priority (3), so it will be the first on the list, so this is how TOP UP works, in addition if the client of task B order a TOP UP, his task will have a priority (4),,, and so on...
    Conclusion: Ordering a TOP UP = Being the first on the list

  • How i can make the payment?

    You can pay with bitcoin, if you don't have a wallet, you can easily create one it won't take more than 5mins.
    There are many websites that offers bitcoin wallet, such as coinbase.com
    If you don't have enough bitcoin on your wallet, you can always buy bitcoin or exchange it on localbitcoins.com or similar sites
    When you are ready to make the payment, click on the payment button on hashC, you will get a box that shows you the bitcoin address to pay to and how much to pay, copy them both and make the payment from your bitcoin client or from the website of your bitcoin wallet provider, once payment is done a green check icon will appear on that box, and right below you will see a button "Click here if you have already sent bitcoins" Click on it, you will get an alert box says "Thank you",,, that means the payment is done, enjoy :)

  • I have forgotten my task id/password

    If you have forgotten your task id:
    Simply contact us, and reupload your hashlist so we can verify which hashlist meet yours and give you the required task id

    If you have forgotten your task password:
    Sadly, we cannot confirm that you are the one who uploaded that hashlist or not. The best thing you can done is to reupload your hashlist and start over, and make sure to copy your task password into a safe place