cap/pcap to hccapx converter

Online tool to upload and convert a WPA / WPA2 cap/pcap capture file to a hashcat capture file (v3.40+)

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message_pair value Messages of the handshake Source of the EAPOL AP message STA message Replay counter matching
0M1 + M2M2M1M2Yes
1M1 + M4M4M1M4Yes
2M2 + M3M2M3M2Yes
3M2 + M3M3M3M2Yes
4M3 + M4M3M3M4Yes
5M3 + M4M4M3M4Yes
128M1 + M2M2M1M2No
129M1 + M4M4M1M4No
130M2 + M3M2M3M2No
131M2 + M3M3M3M2No
132M3 + M4M3M3M4No
133M3 + M4M4M3M4No

Note1: M1 means message 1 of the handshake, M2 means message 2 of the handshake, M3 means message 3 of the handshake and M4 means message 4 of the 4-way handshake.

Note2: Converted files will be stored for 30 days before being deleted.

Note3: This site is using cap2hccapx from hashcat-utils for converting.